David Hancock

Real Name:David B. Hancock

American recording, mastering/ lacquer cutting engineer, and pianist (January 24th, 1927 - 2001).

His lacquer cuts can be identified by DH (early cuts) or DBH (often boxed) etched into the runouts. His work is usually seen on labels from the northeast U.S. such as ESP Disk, Prestige, Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI), Monitor Records (2), Folkways Records, Music Minus One, Musical Heritage Society, as well as other local/small labels. He also worked with engineer Peter Bartok.

Early in his career, he used an Ampex 350. In the late 1970s, David was using a Studer A80. During recording, David used RCA 44A (MI3025A and MI3026A) microphones. He also used Cambridge C-3 microphones modified by Charles Fisher (4). In the studio, a Van Eps lathe was used with an amplifier modified by Dave Sarser.

Runouts contain identifying symbols that can be used to determine a month/year of cutting based on the following:
T xx - T followed by 1-2 digit number, up to about T78. Numbers are in chronological order, lower numbers indicate an older lacquer cut (1955-1960)
2-3 digit number without "T" marking, 73 up to about 152. Also in chronological order. (1960-1966)

ORT1 through ORT5 - Ortofon cutting equipment (1966-1968)
ANM - Capps ANM cutting equipment (1967- mid 1970s)
MP - (1967- mid 1980s)
DBH ORIG - David did the recording and cut the lacquer master
AX/BX, AN/BN - new lacquer cut (late 1950s to early 1960s)

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