Gordon Giltrap

Real Name:Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap, MBE (born April 6, 1948 in Brenchley, Kent but grew up in Deptford, South East London) is an English guitarist, composer and sometime vocalist. His music crosses several genres (from jazz to progressive rock), and he has been described as "one of the most revered [British] guitarists of his generation" and has been praised by fellow musicians including Steve Rothery, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore, although his lyrics have been called "naive", something that made him refrain from singing for many years already in the 70s. Hence all the instrumental albums. His most popular and wellknown song, Heartsong from late 1977 (and included on his classic Perilous Journey LP) was an instrumental hit in early 1978,

Giltrap himself cites fellow UK guitarists Bert Jansch, Hank Marvin, John Renbourne and Pete Townsend among his influences. As of Jan. 2024, aged 75 and after the loss of his son in 2018 and his second wife in 2022, he's still recording and playing at clubs , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:Gordon Giltrap Band
In Groups:4 Parts Guitar, Accolade (2), Gordon Giltrap Band
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