Daniel Kandi as reviewed by Kuulintu

October 16, 2009
edited over 9 years ago
This man has the touch of Midas when it comes to trance music. I'm beyond words. Speechless. With 15 years of experience making and listening trance, my projects have started to sound apalling when I found Daniel Kandi. No trance DJ has ever stole my heart and ears like this danish supertalent. As a believer I think that god has really given something special to this guy.

Every single track and each and every remix is outstandingly great. Daniel has not let me down one single time. I truly adore trance tracks with beautiful piano melodies and smooth emotional strings together with powerful drive and uplifting feeling. When it comes to material like this, Daniel Kandi is certainly your man.

There has been hard moments in the life for me, and i'm almost positive that this man's production has been the best cure i've been able to find for the long and lonely evenings and for the melancholic feeling caused by sun setting down in the horizon. Especially Kandi's Cure remix for Matt Lock's Deep Psychosis has a unigue, curing effect.

This man's tracks and remixes are not only beautiful music. They are also mental therapy and can ease your misery and calm your soul when you're feeling down!

Go! Kandi! Forever!


Daniel Kandi as reviewed by Mikey_Tolerance

May 11, 2008
Daniel Kandi could otherwise be described as one of those, 'one in a million producers,' who out of nowhere becomes one of the most exciting artists the genre has ever seen. Never one to rest on his laurels, Daniel has come to understand the clubber's mentality, tapping into some of the most beautifully harmonious notions of feeling and sound the mind has come to love.

To date, Daniel has developed what could now be described as an institution of anthems, continuously turning the head of influential industry artist, Armin van Buuren. While his signature beat and outrageously fascinating riff is an experience in itself, Daniel ensures that not only does he reinforce the original artist's vision during his own reproductive track duties, but that he rises above and beyond the call of duty to publish what is naturally some of the most inherently uplifting trance this side of the galaxy.

There is something special about this producer. And when you finally begin to hear the devastation that is Daniel Kandi, you come understand just what that is.

Daniel Kandi as reviewed by Astronica

April 16, 2007
edited over 12 years ago
Daniel Kandi is a producer who is very much in the ascendancy at the moment. Debut production ‘Breathe’, with its epic, wonderfully crafted breakdown and uplifting melodies was a stunning indicator of what was to come from the Dane. Since then, Kandi has sculpted an absolute masterpiece in ‘Child’, one of the most beautiful trance productions one is ever likely to hear and is beginning to establish his place as one of trance’s finest producers in this ‘renaissance era’. Furthermore, he has a tremendous amount of talent as a remixer, as two stunning Sunny Lax reinterpretations (‘M.I.R.A.’ and ‘Blue Bird’) and an as yet unreleased remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Stealing Time’ demonstrate. I for one am tremendously excited as to what he has in store for us next.