Members: Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday

Seminal indie rock/electronic crossover group who originally met through David Stewart of Eurythmics, whom Toni has known since she was a teenager. Dean played on two Eurythmics albums, Touch and Be Yourself Tonight. The two played together in the unsuccessful 80s band, State Of Play (2), and parted on acrimonious terms. However, they resolved their differences and formed Curve in 1991.
Their first releases were very successful in the UK indie scene, but, despite critical acclaim, they never grew beyond that level. Low sales of their second album, "Cuckoo", led to the group splitting for four years, with Toni and Dean working with others. They reformed in '96 and released "Come Clean" the following year, the singles from which made a bigger splash in the US than their earlier material. However, the momentum didn't continue and label difficulties caused them serious problems.
Further releases failed to attract much interest outside of their core fanbase and, following the release of a two-disc retrospective in 2004, Toni called it a day on 31 January 2005, saying that the group had "come to its natural end with a lot of good work achieved in the last 15 years." , , Bandcamp , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Alex Mitchell, Dean Garcia, Debbie Smith, Rob Holliday, Steve Monti, Steve Spring, Toni Halliday




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