Walter Orange


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MCB-1/9/1988 Motor City Beat — Walter Orange Various Interview Various - Motor City Beat(3xLP, Transcription) United Stations Programming Network MCB-1/9/1988 US 1988 Sell This Version


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December 10, 2010
Hello Clyde it gives me great pleasure to finally say to you as per our last conversation at Pine Knob with Mr. William King and yourself. Remember my two little boys (I am Larry Tyson's son we met you back stage "KRAIG") both of you told them what to do to follow in your footsteps? Well all I can say is Usher and Justin have nothing on these two handsom and very talented youngmen. The list of performances is already legendary for kids their age. You name it they did it and with honors.
Clyde they are ready and I want you to Discover them and be there as they mature and grow. After all they were led by the best group of all time.........The Commodores and YOU my friend. Call Usher and tell him to move over your guys are about to take over. [email protected] get in touch with me yesterday. I have a lot to share with you about their singing careers and their great teachers. My youngest is the show man-sing,dances, writes and plays all his instraments & all his songs are originals and BAD. You will be proud of your creation now take claim of them. I did exactly what you told me to do with them. Even the state of Michigan has honored them over the years in the states Honors choir,sang in church choir since you saw them last, school choir and solo ensamble choir and finally Ms. Bokas their teacher and vocal coach led them in her own choir that toured the state. Clyde I druged my kids! I drug them to church,to state choir,to every form of training I could find but to start this journey we found YOU first then we began our journey. We wern't at the concert by accident they knew why they saw and spoke to you this was the plan then and still is now. Now we are ready question is Are you ready for them?
You deserve this and admit to yourself you are giving something back (thats what you said to me b-4 we left you)and leaving a legacy behind as my kids will attest over their long careers. "Kraig and Ronnie" will always give you the credit for their successes already. Now my friend what do you say? These are the seeds you planted years ago unlike Usher who went on youtube! It's harvest time for you now I will help in the harvest -how can I help in the harvest. Once you hear them you will fall in love with them. Look forward to seeing you soon. Kraig 248-470-0113.