Donna Grassie

Real Name:Donna Grassie

Donna has studied and written music from an early age and started performing in 1988. She has performed at the London Paladium and various other venues throughout the UK and Ireland. She has developed many diverse attributes within the field, primarily as a singer with various styles, a writer and instrumentalist.

In 1988 she joined Pump House Gang as lead vocalist. The band formed their own record label called Rhythm and Love and later released "The Whole of Her Heart" which received major record company interest. The single received nationwide radio play and was B-listed on Radio 1. The band also supported other acts such as The Selector, Gary Clail, and Misty In Roots. As co-writer of much of the band's material she could push the commercial viability of her writing skills.

Donna teamed up with Pump House Gang's Rik Harris to form Sunset Regime in 1991. They released their first single "Come On People" and received good feedback from the club scene, especially in the North and Ireland. Their next release, "The Real Feel" became a regular PA at Fantazia and headed Fantazia's first and second albums. Around this time they toured with Cappella, Felix, and Carl Cox and acquired a good following. Donna's contribution to Sunset Regime is recognised today as "Sunshine" and "Gotta Believe", which were singles that became Happy Hardcore anthems across the globe.

Donna continues to be a much sought after writer/vocalist in the dance music scene. Her latest collaboration is with DJ/producer Sean Duncan and together are known as "Slippery Disco" with two pending releases "Drift" and "Feeling High" going out on N.E.C.

In Groups:Cynical Blend, Pump House Gang (2), Slippery Disco
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