Lex van Coeverden

Real Name:Lex van Coeverden

Dutch DJ, producer and mastering engineer, born on 17 June 1963. He started mixing at age 15 and during the '80s was a popular DJ at the pirate radio station Radio Stad Den Haag. Subsequently founded Dance International Records. Started his own lacquer cutting and mastering studio called The Vinyl Room in January 2005. His cuts can be recognized by the signature LvC in the runouts. Please credit with the appropriate ANV and without the ornaments.
Aliases:44.1 K-Hurts, A.T.S. (2), Bit By Bit, Disco Anthem, Discomaniacs, DJ Lex, Dry Throats, Hunting Movement, Nobody (2), P.G.3, Pegasus 2, PG1, Sample Syndicate, Source (2), Techno Time, Vaccatori
In Groups:Atlantic Ocean, Atlantrax, California Dreams, Clubstation, Dionysos (10), Lex & Frank, Maxima, Pegasus, Smartfiles, South East Players, Stingray (11), Supa-Shaker, The Groove Brothers (3), The Groovetown Gang, The Morphanage, The Sax Brothers
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