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Paul Murphy


Paul was first bitten by the DJ bug in the late 70’s when he was promoting a club night The Kingswood Club and the DJ didn't turn up due to inclement weather. A string of Chitlin' Circuit gigs followed till the big moment finally arrives with the opening JAFFAS at The Horseshoe ,Tottenham Court Road London W1. The club was the first to mix jazz that fitted the dance floor moves of the infant Jazz Dance scene.
Further mishaps and adventures followed including a year running a shop (Fusion Records) in Clerkenwell and promoting a concert at the YMCA featuring Brazilian singer/pianist Tania Maria.

In 1984 to 1986 Paul ran Palladin Records which released the now seminal Venceremos by London based collective Working Week. He also released LP’s by Tommy Chase, Jimmy Mcgriff and Phil Upchurch amongst many others. He also put together three compilations, Jazz Club Volumes 1 & 2 in the UK and Jazz Club For Beginners in Japan.

Paul Murphy was also the first WIRE Magazine DJ of the Year in 1985.

Eddie Piller of Acid Jazz rediscovered Paul in Ireland after his mysterious disappearance from the club scene at the beginning of the 90’s. Paul took up his offer of a residency at the much missed Blue Note club in London’s Hoxton Square.This put Paul right back in the spotlight and soon offers to record and DJ were pouring in and Paul was soon running Afro Art Records, the London based label founded by former Ballistic Brother Ashley Beedle. See Afro Art for releases.

After yet another long hiatus from the music business Paul returned in 2019 with the first release on his own Jazz Room Records label,re-issuing the in demand and super rare LP by Hugo Heredia "Mananita Pampera" as the first release. See Jazz Room Records

Now Paul is DJing regularly again and putting together Jazz compilations called, naturally enough, The Jazz Room for BBE Records.

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In Groups:Cobalt 60 (2), Cubalooba, Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project, Signal Hill, Sound Experience, The Outsiders, Unitedeye
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