Pablo Gargano

Real Name:Pablo Francesco Saverio Gargano

In the early nineties Italian born and bred DJ Pablo Gargano accepted an invitation from his friend to join him in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There, he started work for the 'Underground' record shop in Queen Street and became their resident DJ at their series of events known as 'Hellraiser'. Taking place at the Ulster hall, they regularly got crowds of 1300 people and within a few months his success rate was soaring with regular exposures in national press and undergrounds radio show passion fm. He found he was getting the frequent opportunity to hadline alongside the highest echelon of world D.J.s he soon obtained a strong reputation within the techno acid and trance genre with his individual style.

After moving to London and virtually having to start from scratch it only took 6 months to get back in the business, releasing singles for Rabbit City Records & Metropolitan Music getting DJing sets in clubs such as: Eurobeat2000, Innersenses, Club 414, and Heaven in London. After the return of his old partner Steven from Italy, they decided to open Eve Records in 1995 thanks to a P&D Deal with Flying distribution.

As the aforementioned doors and the rest of the world started to open for him as a DJ playing in Holland, US, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Australia and all over the UK. More of his releases were seeing success getting played in sets by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Sasha, Digweed and John '00' Flemming.

Aliases:Bitcrusher, Francisco Savier, Girotondo, Mental Pabvlvm, Paul Gaarn, Wavestorm, Wisdom (2)
In Groups:Backbeat, Chilled Eskimos, Halogen, Vintage Millenium
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