KornuCopia stems from the creative mind of Raw Zero.
After a very dark life chapter Raw used songwriting as a tool to keep his focus away from self destruction and into something productive. In the course of a few years this tool went from being therapeutic to a voice with a social conscience and a solid beat. Raw is responsible for the composing, performance and studio productions and demonstrates a versatility/talent that truly captures a thought provoking vision.
KornuCopia's music levitates and permeates the hearts of humanity. Courage wants to be awoken, clarity wants to laugh, ambition wants to be content, and compassion wants to lead.
KornuCopia is for none and all.


KornuCopia Discography Tracks


KC1305 KornuCopia Five(File, MP3, Album, mp3) Excess Zero KC1305 2012
KC1306 KornuCopia Sick Sick Sicks(File, MP3, Album, mp3) Excess Zero KC1306 2014
KC1307 KornuCopia Unplug By Seven(File, MP3, Album, mp3) Excess Zero KC1307 2016

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