Nicolas Chientaroli

Nicolás Chientaroli, pianist, improviser and composer was born in Buenos Aires in 1982, and moved to Amsterdam in 2013.
He studied at the Technologic Institute of Contemporary Music (Instituto Tecnológico de Música Contemporánea - ITMC), where after he taught for six years, and went resolutely to jazz and free improvisation once the career was finished. He studied Jazz with Ernesto Jodos and Enrique Norris, and with Susana Kasakoff Classical Music. He played with many local exponents from the Buenos Aires Jazz and Free Improvisation scene.

He has recorded three albums as composer and pianist with his trio: La Música Está Prohibida - Blueart Records 2008, with Carlos Alvarez on bass and Hernán Rodriguez on drums. La casa caliente - Sofa Records 2011, with the same lineup as the previous recording, and Viajeramente - Pan y Rosas Discos 2013, with Carlos Alvarez on bass and Sebastián Groshaus on drums. The second album was presented at the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2011.

He recently released his solo album Cada Fuego Es El Primero under the Portuguese label Creative Sources.

As a pianist, he explores and expands the boundaries of the piano and develops a very personal way of playing. In reviews his music is described as a magnificent and extraordinary journey of sound. Once he is seated on a stool, at the keyboard, his touch is somehow magnified by way of his extracurricular activities.

As a composer and pianist he leads together with Ada Rave the group The Big Dinner, inviting different improvisers from all around the world in each performance.

He is a member of the free improvisation trio New Rumours and Other Noises together with Raoul van der Weide on contrabass and Ada Rave on tenor and soprano sax.

He has co-directed the group Los Improvisadores Gráficos together with Ada Rave, alto sax; Hernán Sama, tenor sax and Martín López Grande, drums; with whom he recorded the album Los Improvisadores Gráficos 2011. This group experiments the improvisation through the work of Cornelius Cardew, Treatise. He is part of the experimental music group Las Formas Avanzan together with Marcelo Jusid, guitar and voice; and guest musicians. He is also a member of the contemporary jazz and free improvisation trio from Andrés Elstein, recording the album La Caja in 2012.

As a pianist he has recorded and been part of several projects: Proyecto Orgánico Rave, led by the saxophonist Ada Rave, recording the album Los Ritos Del Sueño 2008; Francisco Salgado Cuarteto, led by the trombonist Francisco Salgado, La Hormiga, led by the trumpet player Mariano Bertolini, recording the album Puntos Suspensivos 2010; Rave/Espinal/Chientaroli/Vitale, recording the album Relatos De Terodáctilo, Pan Y Rosas Discos 2013, among others.

With his different projects, he performs regularly at several places from Argentina, The Netherlands and Europe.

He is also the initiator and programmer of the monthly series in the Free Improvisation scene in Amsterdam, the Instant Music Day in Zaal100.
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