Sunchariot's music can be labeled as Slavonic Black Metal with traditional melodies and atmospheres that characterize their Russian heritage. This is the music of free and boundless steppes; this is the music from the heart. Words like aggressive, but modern, powerful and melodic, are often used to describe the band's sound and overall style.

Sunchariot was formed in the very beginning of 1996 by Stanislav Ivanoff (vocal/guitar) and Denis Shapovalov (guitar) upon the ruins of black metal band Sacrificed. After numerous line-up problems, Konstantin "Scur" Konstantinov (drums) was recruited to the band. Later on, the trio was upgraded to a quartet with the addition of Olga Baranjieva (flute). In June 1997 this line-up recorded the band's first demo, "Betrayal Light of Fertile Ground".

In October 1997, Sunchariot signed a licensing deal with Montreal based indie label Soundscape Music Canada for the release of their debut demo on compact disc. Released in July 1998, "Betrayal Light of Fertile Ground" became the first Russian black metal release that hit North American Shores.

During 1998, sunchariot's line-up has been expanded. A new guitar player Vadim Chernikov joined the band with plenty of fresh ideas, which turned the music into more folk oriented direction. And finally Nikolay Vlaskin was admitted to the band to take over bass.

Such an expansion made the band available for the live performances. The first and yet the only one took place in November 1998 in Moscow, where Sunchariot played at Rock-City Fest II: "Black Metal Invasion" and was recognized as one of the best bands ever played on this stage.

On the 30th of January 1999 it was time for Sunchariot to enter the studio for the second time to record their new full-length album "Harvest". The recording proceeded for more than four months and was finished on the 31 of May. Of course the band didn't spend all this time in the studio day by day. There were several delays and intervals during the recording session and it took much energy and time for the band to obtain the desired results. And SUNCHARIOT fully succeeded in their task! Utterly melodic, "Harvest" is filled by the magnificent and dolorous Russian folk atmospheres created by the enchanting flute parts and live choir appearances.

Unfortunately, after the recording of the album the band stopped any activities, while its members formed their own side-projects: Stillife, Die Muzik and Mode Of Life. Nevertheless, in Summer 2001, Sunchariot gathered together again in full line-up to sign a deal with Irond Ltd. for the release of "Harvest" + bonus mCD "Betrayal Light of Fertile Ground". It's likely to believe, this release won't be the last one and the band will get out of crisis, presenting us new quality releases.


Sunchariot - Harvest album art Sunchariot Harvest (Album) Irond Russia 1999 Sell This Version
002 Sunchariot - Exzorcizm album art Sunchariot Exzorcizm(CDr, Ltd) Observatory Records 002 Russia 2005 Sell This Version
001 Sunchariot - Right Sun / Ritual Head album art Sunchariot Right Sun / Ritual Head(CDr, Album, Ltd) Observatory Records 001 Russia 2005 Sell This Version
Sunchariot - Fictio album art Sunchariot Fictio Abgurd Russia 2006 Sell This Version
007 Sunchariot - Ruina Atrasiab album art Sunchariot Ruina Atrasiab(CDr, Album, Ltd) Observatory Records 007 Russia 2007 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Sunchariot - Betrayal Light Of Fertile Ground album art Sunchariot Betrayal Light Of Fertile Ground (EP) Soundscape Music Canada Canada 1997 Sell This Version
17 Sunchariot - Komodia Delta album art Sunchariot Komodia Delta(CDr, Mini, Ltd) Observatoire 17 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
15 Sunchariot - Eidyllion Delta album art Sunchariot Eidyllion Delta(CDr, Mini, Ltd) Observatoire 15 Russia 2007 Sell This Version


16 Sunchariot - Δ album art Sunchariot Δ(Cass, Comp, Ltd, C90) Observatoire 16 Russia 2007 Sell This Version


003 Sunchariot - Ognenni Zmei / Komoedia album art Adriva / Sunchariot Adriva / Sunchariot - Ognenni Zmei / Komoedia(Cass, Ltd, Num, Spl) Observatory Records 003 Russia 2005 Sell This Version

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