More Ephemerol


Initially a solo vehicle for Chad Fjerstad's experimental synthesizer compositions, More Ephemerol eventually took shape as a Los Angeles-based synth band primarily inspired by early 80's synth-pop including minimal wave darlings such as Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, and Experimental Products, and the beginnings of new wave through acts like OMD, Human League, and Fad Gadget, with just as much lifeblood in varieties of body music and synth punk. While the debut LP "Fractal Bath" consisted primarily of instrumental tracks constructed through digital instruments, its follow-up "Apotheosis Pageant" veers into a far more focused direction featuring music made strictly with analogue machines and featuring more pop-oriented vocals as shared between Fjerstad and vocalist Tamara Sky. A giant leap in production quality is noticeable thanks for the work of studio guru Matia Simovich who mixed and produced the album.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , YouTube
Members:Chad Fjerstad, Tamara Sky


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