Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup (not to be confused with Alphabet Soup (2), a different rap group bearing resemblance only by name) was originally known as the "Clan from the Planet of Egypt". The addition of Yasin Gregg, a.k.a. Brother Love, as a group member encouraged the group name change to Alphabet Soup, which is explained as follows:

The communicative rudiments of language starts with the alphabet. The alphabet is a set of letters and/or other characters written or otherwise (oral-tradition, etc.) arranged in a customary order to convey knowledge or inform. The "Soup" was the group's music. Together the compliment of both words (alphabet) and music (soup) yielded the group's only release under this name, a single EP.

The group changed its name changed again shortly thereafter, becoming "Head Rush" (spelled erroneously as Hed Rush on the compilation Giant Steps, Vol. 1.)

Alphabet Soup Discography

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Alphabet Soup Sunny Day In Harlem (EP) Akirfa Recordings, Inc. US 1991 Sell This Version

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