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Long-running UK electronic group, originally formed by Jimmy Cauty (of The KLF) and Alex Paterson in 1988, that grew out of a love of ambient music and dub, soundscapes and science fiction. Due to the early work in this style, The Orb became pioneers of the early-90's-born "ambient house" genre. The group's lineup has shifted over the years, with Alex being the only consistent member. Notable members include Thrash and Thomas Fehlmann. Though he was never officially a member, Youth (a.k.a. Martin Glover) was instrumental throughout the group's existence, and co-owned the label WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings with Alex (they had known each other since they were young, and Alex was a roadie for the group Killing Joke, in which Youth played bass). , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , , Facebook , , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , Vimeo , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Alex Paterson, Andy Falconer, Andy Hughes (2), Eric Walker (5), Fil Le Gonidec, Jimmy Cauty, John Roome, Keith York, Kris Weston, Lewis Keogh, Martin Glover, Michael Rendall, Nick Burton, Nina Walsh, Paul Ferguson (2), Simon Phillips (2), Thomas Fehlmann, Tim Bran
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