Steve Zing

Real Name:Steven Paul Grecco

Born 06/29/1964, Steve drummed for Implosion, Mourning Noise and The Undead (2) before joining Samhain. He graduated from Lodi High School in 1982 with Eerie Von. Steve left Samhain in July 1985 shortly after Unholy Passion was released. He was replaced by London May and returned briefly to The Undead in 1986. He later formed Chyna and played briefly for Rubella Umbrella in 1996. In 1999, Steve returned to Samhain for the reunion tour, playing the first half of the show on drums, and the second on bass. He later recorded with Son Of Sam. Since 2003, Steve Zing has been singing for Marra's Drug.
He also tours with Danzig playing bass, and the band occasionally plays Samhain songs live. , Instagram , MySpace , Wikipedia , YouTube
In Groups:Chyna (10), Danzig, Doomtree (2), Mourning Noise, Samhain, Son Of Sam (4), The Undead (2), Suburbicide
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