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Arabrot is a Norwegian Grammy award-winning noise rock band, originally from Haugesund, but now with a creative base out of Djura, Sweden, and the Oslo-based record label Fysisk Format.

Arabrot has been an outsider on the Norwegian music scene since their beginning in 2001. During the first few years they received little recognition from the music establishment in their homeland, but Arabrot carved their own path and quietly built a reputation among music fans out in Europe.

Arabrot first received widespread recognition with the Steve Albini produced third album, The Brother Seed (2009). Following this album, Arabrot went into a creative blaze the succeeding years. For instance, they did live scores at silent film showings (“Faust” from 1926 in Trondheim, “Häxan” from 1922 at Øyafestivalen, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” from 1920 and “Die Nibelungen” from 1924 at Verdensteatret in Tromsø) and did commissioned work for the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. In the middle of all this, Arabrot produced the exploratory EPs AbsoluteNegativism, I Rove and Mæsscr, two albums under the Nernes Skagen moniker, as well as two full length albums: The gargantuan Billy Anderson-produced double album REVENGE and the needle-sharp Solar Anus, again featuring Steve Albini as a producer.

Arabrot’s flourishing lyricism adds an unmatched depth. Macabre renditions of classic works like the Bible and Dante’s Inferno meet philosophical themes derived from the historical avant-garde. The existentialism of Camus and Sartre; the surrealism of Bataille and Lautréamont; the eroticism of Henry Miller and de Sade; the romantic writings of Coleridge, Poe and de Quincey; mystic thinkers such as Aleister Crowley and Jorge Luis Borges, oppositionals like Féderico Lorca and of course Norway’s chief contrarian Jens Bjørneboe all make their way into Arabrot’s character.

Arabrot’s much anticipated self-titled sixth album, with artwork by Johannes Høie and recording duties by Emil Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh), was released in August 2013 to 8/10′s in NME, Rock Sound, Metal Hammer & Terrorizer.
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RAT 7 Årabrot - Proposing A Pact With Jesus album art Årabrot Proposing A Pact With Jesus(CD, Album) Norway Rat Records RAT 7 Norway 2005 Sell This Version
RAT 9 Årabrot - Rep.Rep album art Årabrot Rep.Rep (Album) Norway Rat Records RAT 9 Norway 2006 Sell This Version
RAT 15 Årabrot - The Brother Seed album art Årabrot The Brother Seed (Album) Norway Rat Records RAT 15 Norway 2009 Sell This Version
FY 28 Årabrot - Revenge album art Årabrot Revenge (Album) Fysisk Format FY 28 Norway 2010 Sell This Version
FY050CD, FY050 Årabrot - Solar Anus album art Årabrot Solar Anus (Album) Fysisk Format FY050CD, FY050 Norway 2011 Sell This Version
FY070LP, FY070CD Årabrot - Arabrot album art Arabrot* Arabrot (Album) Fysisk Format FY070LP, FY070CD Norway 2013 Sell This Version
FY081LP Årabrot - I Modi album art Årabrot I Modi(12", MiniAlbum) Fysisk Format FY081LP Norway 2014 Sell This Version
none Årabrot - The Gospel album art Årabrot The Gospel (Album) Fysisk Format, Fysisk Format none Norway 2016 Sell This Version
PEL105 Årabrot - Who Do You Love album art Årabrot Who Do You Love (Album) Pelagic Records PEL105 Norway 2018 Sell This Version
none Årabrot - Die Nibelungen album art Årabrot Die Nibelungen (Album) Pelagic Records none Germany 2019 Sell This Version
PEL154, PEL 154 Årabrot - Norwegian Gothic album art Årabrot Norwegian Gothic (Album) Pelagic Records, Djura Missionshus PEL154, PEL 154 Europe 2021 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SAMV006 Årabrot - Adding D To Anger album art Årabrot Adding D To Anger(7") Safe As Milk SAMV006 Norway 2001 Sell This Version
none Årabrot - Rogues Gallery album art Årabrot Rogues Gallery (EP, Single) Safe As Milk none Norway 2003 Sell This Version
RAT8 Årabrot - The Moneyshot 7" album art Årabrot The Moneyshot 7"(7") Norway Rat Records RAT8 Norway 2006 Sell This Version
Rat 10 Årabrot - HGSD album art Årabrot HGSD(7", Red) Norway Rat Records Rat 10 Norway 2007 Sell This Version
FY013 Årabrot - I Rove album art Årabrot I Rove(CD, EP, Num) Fysisk Format FY013 Norway 2009 Sell This Version
RAT 13 Årabrot - Absolutenegativism EP album art Årabrot & [concept.virus] Årabrot & [concept.virus] - Absolutenegativism EP(CD, EP) Norway Rat Records RAT 13 Norway 2009 Sell This Version
RAT14 Årabrot - The Wretched Child album art Årabrot The Wretched Child(7") Norway Rat Records RAT14 Norway 2010 Sell This Version
FY041 Årabrot - Okkultokrati / Årabrot album art Okkultokrati / Årabrot Okkultokrati / Årabrot - Okkultokrati / Årabrot Fysisk Format FY041 Norway 2011 Sell This Version
RAT15 Årabrot - Madonna Was A Whore album art Årabrot Madonna Was A Whore(7", Ltd) Norway Rat Records RAT15 Norway 2011 Sell This Version
FY057 Årabrot - Mæsscr album art Årabrot Mæsscr(12", EP) Fysisk Format FY057 Norway 2012 Sell This Version
FY068, ELN13 Årabrot - Årabrot / Rabbits album art Årabrot / Rabbits (2) Årabrot / Rabbits (2) - Årabrot / Rabbits(7", Ltd) Fysisk Format, Eolian Empire FY068, ELN13 Norway 2013 Sell This Version
FY072LP Årabrot - Murder As Art album art Arabrot* Murder As Art(12", EP, Whi) Fysisk Format FY072LP Norway 2013 Sell This Version
FY091, ELN32 Årabrot - You Bunch Of Idiots album art Årabrot You Bunch Of Idiots(12", EP) Fysisk Format, Eolian Empire FY091, ELN32 Norway 2015 Sell This Version
SCR005 Årabrot - For Lack Of Discipline You Will Die album art Årabrot For Lack Of Discipline You Will Die(7") Sheep Chase SCR005 Norway 2016 Sell This Version