Gus Till

Real Name:Gus Till

Active as a musician/producer and DJ since the Punk days of the 70's in Melbourne Australia. The keyboard player for many pop groups (Beargarden and the Models) and was part of Michael Hutchence's 'Max Q' project before forming Third Eye with Ollie Olsen. He was also a member of 'The Ears' upon which the infamous 'Dogs in Space' film was based. Towards the end of the 80's he recorded a project with Bono and Edge from U2 and Todd Terry. He also became more active in production doing an album for Australia's Joe Creighton. This period saw shifts to New York and Paris for 3 years before finally settling in London. During this period worked with and remixed African Jazz/Soul legend Manu Dibango, Nina Hagen, Jamiroquai, producer Youth (for who he was his in-house engineer at Butterfly studios) amongst others. Also worked on a project with Claude Challe of Buddha Bar fame and recently working on remixes of System Seven. , Soundcloud , Bandcamp
Aliases:Bus, Turban Bloc
In Groups:Bagman (2), Beargarden, Busted, Death Snare Pussies, Ecco Homo, Foil (2), Isis Overload, Jammy Wizard, Max Q, Monster Vision Inc., Nasha, Nemo (10), Planet Slink, Rock City Shockers, Seed (2), Slinky Nuns, Slinky Wizard, Slug (2), Stoop & Fidget, The Ears
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