The Pyramidis Project

The PYRAMIDIS Project sets pace on sound and music. The mastermind behind The Pyramidis Project is Mario Buchinger (f.k.a. Mario Kuduz), who has been actively dealing with music as musician and producer for more than 20 years. He learned keyboards, guitars, drums and studied physics. As a physicist, one of his greater competencies lies in sound engineering including recording, production and mastering.

Mario is convinced that great music starts with the first step of creating it. Musical ideas are nothing but emotions. After feeling the musical approach and creating a pice of composition, comes the work of recording and producing. Here every tiny step has to fulfil high-end quality levels. Even though in these days streaming an compressed music media with more or less poor quality is widely used, The Pyramidis Project always produces on a high level suitable for uncompressed media such as vinyl or CDs following the RedBook standard.
Even though radio DJs all over the world have categorised the sound by The Pyramidis Project as Progressive Rock, the genre is named "Soundscaping" as the songs of The Pyramidis Project do not fit into existing patterns of music genres. It combines synthetic sounds layers with other musical elements like guitars, vocals, wind instruments and others and it includes also many influences from other genres such as Rock, Lounge or Electronic. The Austrian music journalist Reinhold Gruber said about the latest album "Emotional Distances":

"You cannot describe it in word, you have to hear it."

The result is something which can be expressed as "Soundscapes" originating from the word "Landscapes". The music can be compared with a painting, only the appearance is different: Colours are sounds, canvas is the recording media, eyes are ears, landscapes are soundscapes. But finally at has to be a unique sound, doesn’t matter how the genre is named.

The Pyramidis Project has the aim to create music on a high level, not only when it comes to the music itself but also regarding to the quality of production. Each part of the entire recording is equally important as the underlying composition. The Pyramidis Project rejects any manipulative tools in order to hide musical disability such as AutoTune or Melodyne.

The Pyramidis Project collaborates with musicians from all over the world in a musical network. These different influences have a hearable musical impact on the songs and the overall appearance of the Project. For now, The PYRAMIDIS Project is a studio project, nevertheless bringing the Essential Dimension of Sound on stage is one of the next milestones in the future.


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PYA-001 Space And Emotion — The Pyramidis Project The Pyramidis Project Space And Emotion(CD, Album) Pyramidis Audio PYA-001 Europe 2013 Sell This Version
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PYR-003 Emotional Distances — The Pyramidis Project The Pyramidis Project Emotional Distances(CD, Album) Pyramidis Audio PYR-003 Europe 2015 Sell This Version
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Singles & EPs

PYA-002 Lost Music — The Pyramidis Project The Pyramidis Project Lost Music(CD, Maxi) Pyramidis Audio PYA-002 Europe 2014 Sell This Version