Artur Lasoń

I was born on January 11th, 1952 in Warszawa. I've been in the music since my very young days. In 1971 - 1981, I was an actor and a singer in the puppet and music theatres (Warsaw Operate etc.). In 1981, I left the vocal faculty in the Chopin Music School in Warszawa, getting good marks for theoretical subjects like the music forms, harmony and study of instruments.

It influenced my interests in composition. Up to that time, I've composed over 100 songs. Most of them were never performed on a stage because of untypical structures and atmosphere. In full consciousness, I continue to compose music which is far away of entertainment production.

Since 1985, I've composed very different electronic music. My the most important works are:

"Wonny krzyk barw" (The Fragrant Shout of Hues) - the suite of 5 parts composed for synthesizer, tape and piano,

"Hue Rage Music" - 5 tracks of simple form and treatments which are my personal and quite perverse eply for overpraised New Age Music.

"Znak zasluchania" (a Polish pun - a combination of "A question Mark" and "Deep Listening") - the project that contains uncommon structural treatments (by dint of a computer technology) and is distributed in a very original way - by recording music for individual orders of fans. The work has been performed live - also for therapy - because since 1991, I've practised and promoted an ecological style of life with a respect of nature rules.

In 1994, 14 examples of "Znak zasluchania" were released on the cassette "Znak zasluchania - Probki" (Znak zasluchania - The Samples). In 1995, the vocal version of the work was originated. It's entitled "Znak zasluchania - Oratorio" and composed for a soloist, choir, synthesizer and percussion. In the beginning of 1997, I composed music for a theatre play entitled "Meil" (in the Teatr Wspolczesny - The Modern Theatre) that was based on an instrumental version of "Znak zasluchania".

Before - being a composer - I've co-operated with Teatr Lektur (Theatre of Books). I made soundtrack for a play "Demon" based on the poem by the Russian poet Michail Lermontov and I composed a music for a fairytale "Król Bajdus".(King Baydus). Afterwards, I chosed a few fragments of that music and I made a one piece "Bajka dla Adasia" that was released on the album "Hue Rage Music".

Actually, I've worked on a few projects simultaneously. Among them there is the meditative impression entitled "Z prądem" (With a Current) that is based on classical rules of music - flows down a classical stream - and it's my reaction for popular unplugged music.

Since June 1993, I had co-operated with the monthly "Enter" Computer Magazine. I edited the "Moogazyn" column dedicated to electronic music, musicians and events. In March 1997, "Moogazyn" was moved to the monthly "Estrada & Studio" (Stage & Studio). I also wrote a book for beginning users of electronic technology in music: "Introduction into a MIDI - or let's drift along the right channel".

Since October 1996, I go along his second favourite way - I teach Ecology of Mind and Techniques of Meditation. I also co-operat with a monthly "Czwarty Wymiar" (Fourth Dimension). I write features about musicians who makes their works inspired by meditative and metaphysical experiences.

Many times, I've performed on a stege - in clubs, thratres, churches etc. - playing solo and wityh other muscians. I've apeared on the most important festivals and concerts dedicated to electronic music in Poland: Zlot Elektronicznych Fanatyków - ZEF (Gathering of Electronic Fanatics - 1989 in Pisz, 1990 in Karpacz, and 1995 and 1996 again in Pisz), Bliskie Spotkania z Muzyką Science Fiction (Close Encounters with SF Music - 1988 in Warszawa, 1989 in Krakow, and 1990 and 1991 again in Warszawa), Nocne Czekanie na UFO (The Night Waiting for an UFO - 1992 on a Slider Mount by Jelenia Gora), Miedzynarodowe Spotkania Muzyczne - Ambient 2000 (International Music Meetings - in Wisla). During February to June 1999, I had performed a series of concerts entitled "MMM - Music, Multimedia, Mysticism" in galleries of Asia & Pacific Museum in Warszawa.
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