Bizzy B

Real Name:Brian Johnson

Highly prolific Hardcore, Jungle and Drum n Bass producer and DJ from the UK, active since the early '90s.

Bizzy B founded Brain Records in 1991 and started releasing Breakbeat Hardcore taking influence from House and Techno but adding heavy breakbeats and ragga vocal samples. He pumped out dozens of records, often under other monikers or in collaboration with other producers. Along with Dean Vincent (Pugwash), he formed The Dream Team, which released material on seminal Jungle/Hardcore label Suburban Base Records, as well as the duo's own Joker Records.

The Dream Team debuted in 1994 with "Stamina / Warriors" on Suburban Base, forming Joker Records soon after, and keeping up a prolific release schedule throughout the decade. They released the full-lengths "The Drum & Bass World Series" and "The Trilogy" in 1997.

Around the turn of the millennium, Bizzy B produced UK Garage tracks as part of projects like "The Beatfreaks (2)" and "Second Protocol". He also produced Drum n Bass as "Warped Science". Eventually a resurgence of interest in Jungle's harder side led to Bizzy B's earlier material gaining a new audience, and his newer productions brought back the Amen breaks.

He remained highly active during the 2010s, releasing new productions as well as collections of unreleased tunes from the '90s.

he also co-owned the 2 Getherness record shop between 1994 and 1998. , Facebook , YouTube , Soundcloud , Instagram , , Bandcamp ,
Aliases:Brainstorm (7), Brian Johnson (2), Don Of Don's, Fat Beats, King Don Crew, Lionist, Twiss Up Firm, Warped Science
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