Patrick Dreama

Patrick Dreama

Real Name:Patrick Noppert

Patrick Noppert aka Patrick Dreama has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades and released over 50 mind-blowing tracks. During these decades, his sound has transformed from trance to progressive to house to techno and now back to trance. Having experienced the best of every popular genre, Patrick is a dedicated performer and highly regarded for his unique sounds.

But he wasn’t always known as Patrick Dreama. Patrick started performing under the name DJ Peddo and in 2003 he remixed The Spell for DJ Astrid on Vinyl which heightened his career and saw him travel around the world from Israel to the United States and Norway to share his exciting sound.

Across the past seven years, Peddo became SoulBoy as Patrick started to work alongside Alex Dijksterhuis aka Jamez from the influential DJ label Touché Records. As a duo, Patrick and Alex created what they called techgressive music for those looking for a deeper, more soulful version of techno and progressive. In their live DJ sets the pair were known to mix techhouse, progressive and techno into addictive and thrilling combinations.

With hits to their names, such as Surface Tension which was supported by techno legend Kevin Saunderson, the duo made waves across the party scene in Ibiza and around the world. They went on to produce Sexy Lady on Omnis Recordings and remixes for Neverending recordings as well as the 24h Deepness and Halo EPs on Eyepatch Recordings and the Crime EP on the Naked Lunch label.
In addition to Jamez and SoulBoy’s releases on new techno label Repressure Recordings, their tracks were remixed by some of the world’s favourite names in techno, including Orlando Voorn who transformed the song Jullungull into a completely original hit. Their last track titled Induction reached number 45 in the Beatport Techno Charts; a striking success.

Now, Patrick has returned to his trance roots and is known under the alias Patrick Dreama. In the upcoming future, he will take on international appearances and release new tracks and remixes across a variety in labels.

Aliases:Alex Dijksterhuis, Beta, Bone Machine, Chi (3), Daydreamer (4), Delta (5), DJ Peddo, Float, Fortress, Gamma (3), Jamez, Jamez vs. X-modman, Kappa (2), Loophole, Meltable, Moon Madness, MRE, Mudcake, Omicron (2), PSI (4)
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