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April 20, 2012
went to few of their nights in crouch end/hill way back.
they gave me a tape of their own stuff as I was leaving one night which I cherished and swear to this day had a number of total standout different track on it, lost it and to this day am convinced they can never have released, not to disrespect what they have released but this was leaving it for dust . . . .
thanks for the good times gents!


March 21, 2007
edited over 12 years ago
Let's talk longevity and diversity. Subject 13 have both in spades, kicking it from 1990 right through till the future. Over this periiod they may not have been incredibly prolific, but with these guys it's all about quality. I'm not a big fan of Downtempo Breakbeats, but the AA side of "Quarter Of A Million", "Highway 57" gets me every time, just quality elements, structure and composition. "Quarter Of A Million" itself has one of the most idiosyncratic, nasty break tones, but in a strangely jazzy laid back context. That's what I love about Subject 13, juxtapositions, surprises, and pure pleasure in sound in every track I've ever heard of theirs. Check them out!

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