Thodoris Triantafillou

Real Name:Thodoris Triantafillou

Hailing from the Greek capital Athens, Thodoris Triantafillou has excelled in all corners of the industry after devoting his life and career to a creative output that illustrates a concoction of influences from across the musical sphere. Founder of “Space Paradise” Parties in Athens and Owner of the Studio “Glory Hill Studio” located under the hill of Acropolis.
Recognised by peers and fans through a stream of compelling releases on labels such as Glory Hill Studio, Perplex Music, Blue Shadow, Atlant Records, Chapter 24, Bedrock Music among others.
it’s the composition of the philosophy behind a record, the raw energy that electronic formats have to offer, and an exploration of the inner self that makes Thodoris’s productions stand out amongst the rest. Over the past Years, Thodoris’ position within the dance music industry has propelled after breaching many top 10 charts.
One milestone onto another, Thodoris then championed all niche’s that lay in the DJ/Producer pathway with the outlook of always pushing forward as an artist to the next task at hand. Testament to this, are the events Thodoris has been hand picked for, from peak time performances to the sun fuelled sets that festivals and balearic affairs alike provide. As time pushes on and music evolves, as does Thodoris. Keeping the unrelenting yet satisfying pace of the past, he looks to the horizon as awe inspired by the beautiful scene as day one. New monuments will reveal themselves the following year.

Future Colonists
Tudor Leves
Hungry Young Computers
The Rubber's Rubbit , Instagram , Soundcloud
Aliases:Future Colonists, Hungry Young Computers, MDSD, Tudor Leves
In Groups:Novox, The Rubber's Rubbit


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