Yoshio Kanamori (2)

Japanese print artist, born 1922.

From the Britsh Museum website:

"Kanamori was born in Toyama Prefecture, where Munakata came to live to avoid the Tokyo bombing in spring 1945. This gave him the opportunity to study woodblock printing directly with a practising master. Previously he had read about woodblock techniques in 'Hanga o tsukuru hito e' ('To People who Want to Make Woodblock Prints', 1922) by Nagase Yoshio. He studied at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, but did not graduate. He first exhibited with the Kokuga-kai exhibition in 1950, and in the same year helped Munakata found the local print magazine 'Etchu hanga'. He was also a founder-member with the master in 1952 of the Nihon Hanga-in (Japanese Print Institute). In 1958 he was exhibited jointly with Munakata in a touring show in the USA. His work is dominated by the austere mountainous landscape of his native Toyama, but increasingly intruded on by fancifully treated elements such as birds, flowers, feathers and butterflies which display a familiarly Japanese sentimentality."


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