Elvis Costello

Real Name:Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus

English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer born 25 August, 1954, London, England. Most of his early works have been published as part of the group Elvis Costello & The Attractions. In 1996 Elvis Costello & The Attractions recorded their last album and bassist Bruce Thomas left the lineup. The group was reconstituted in 2002 with new bassist Davey Faragher and the new band was called Elvis Costello & The Imposters.
Son of Ross McManus, Elvis Costello has been married to Diana Krall since 2003.

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Aliases:Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus, Eamonn Singer, Howard Coward, Little Hands Of Concrete, Napoleon Dynamite, Nick Lowe Not To Blame For This One, O. Westinghouse, Otis Westinghouse & The Lifts, Sgt. Larry Singer, The Emotional Toothpaste, The Imposter (2)
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