Rock Show Of The Yeomen

Alias of Canadian rock band Dee & The Yeomen, founded by Graham Dunnet in the autumn of 1964, active until 1969, changing their name several times, first to Rock Show Of The Yeomen, then The Yeomen (3), and finally Dee And The Quotum.


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Graham "Dee" Dunnett (lead vocals, guitar)
Terry Watkinson (organ)
Len Lytwyn (drums, vocals)
Peter Sterbach (keyboards; replaced Watkinson 1968)

England's very own Graham Dunnett was a veteran on the UK music scene from 1957 to 1961 fronting more than 20 different bands. During the period of great musical growth in Hamburg, Germany, Dunnett led The Starliners to near fame in 1962, first backing the Beatles and then Gerry & The Pacemakers on the heels of two singles and a role in a British teen movie.

Following a tour in France for 6 months, Dunnett decided to make the move to North America where all his peers had found fame and fortune during the British Invasion.

Dunnett relocated to Canada where he formed Dee And The Yeomen with Fort Williams native Watkinson (Sonny & The Sequins) and Montreal's Lytwyn in Autumn of 1964.

In 1965 they released several singles a variety of independent labels, and in the spring of 1966 were signed to the high-profile REO Records. The first single for the label, "A Love Like Mine", managed to hit #1 in some radio markets.

They would eventually base themselves out of the Night Owl coffee house in Toronto's Yorkville club district. They also played at all the surrounding area high schools and clubs along with work in Montreal, Calgary and on the East Coast. "In A Minute Or Two" managed to reach #1 on some West Coast stations.

The band eventually changed their name to Dee And The Quotum, Rock Show Of The Yeomen and later just The Yeomen.At this point Sterbach (Big Town Boys) had replaced Watkinson.

Members of The Yeomen would rise again, one more time, as Quality Records artists Wishbone in 1971.

Keyboardist Terry Watkinson would go on to join Max Webster in the mid-70's; Sterbach went on to perform with The Paupers and Mandala. He is now a successful music teacher; Lytwyn became the CEO of the AFM musicians union;

with notes from Andre Gibeault and Paul Knight..

1965 Say Baby/You Should Know It (Wolff) 101
1965 Take The First Train Home/Why Why Why (Can-Cut) 8880
1965 Take The First Train Home/Why Why Why (Bell) 633
1966 A Love Like Mine/Be Gone Be Gone (REO/Quality) 8909
1966 Baby It's All Worthwhile/Broken Hearted Melody (REO/Quality) 8940
1966 In A Minute Or Two/Afraid Of Love (REO/Quality) 8968

1967 Village Girl/Afraid of Love (REO/Quality) 8993

1969 We Are The Dream/The Chains (Mainstream) 701

1969 Someday You'll Need Someone/Send Flowers To Julie (Sound Canada) 705


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8993X Rock Show Of The Yeomen - Village Girl album art Rock Show Of The Yeomen Village Girl(7", Single) Reo 8993X Canada 1967 Sell This Version