Death By Starvation

Black metal band from São Paulo - Brazil, formed in 2013.

The concept that gives the name of the band is inspired on the philosophy of Hegesyas of Cyrene, a cynical philosopher of antiquity who wrote a book entitled Death by Starvation, where he criticized the ideals of happiness and virtue of the Greek society morality as mere fallacies that only masked particular and selfish interests. He was referring to authorities as law-makers, rulers and philosophers. Thus, the social life resulting from this contradiction would be fundamentally marked by hypocrisy and the vain pursuit of happiness. For Hegesyas, the solution for that would be the total deconstruction of the subjectivity and attachment to that false ideals, leading men to the dissolution of their social lives in a violent and suicidal way. At that time, the philosopher was condemned by the Greek authorities for encouraging young people to suicide and his works were almost obliterated from history.


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