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American rock and blues rock drummer, born 17 June 1952. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, he has become one of the most influential drummers on the roots music scene.

Known for his solid backbeat, Buck has played all over the world with variety of bands. As a teenager, he played around Fort Worth in places such as the Cellar, the Bluebird and the Chicken in a Basket. After playing drums with Robert Ealey and the Five Careless Lovers, Johnny Carroll and countless other Fort Worth bands, Buck moved to Austin while in his twenties. Buck joined the Fabulous Thunderbirds playing on the band's first two records "Girls Go Wild" and "What's The Word."

Shortly after leaving the Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1981, formed the Le Roi Brothers. Along with his regular gigs with the Le Roi Brothers, Buck found time to play and record with other groups as well. Throughout the late 80s and 90s, Buck played with Texas music legend Doug Sahm both in town and around the world.
In the early 90s Buck and Ted Roddy put together a group called the Naughty Ones which combined latin, lounge and swing grooves.

Some of the other artists Buck has worked with include Lazy Lester, Lightnin' Hopkins, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Bo Diddley.
In 2001, Buck and his wife, guitarist Eve Monsees decided to put a band together that would combine blues with 60s rock and roll which led to the formation of the Exiles.

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Aliases:Barrell House Bucky
In Groups:Big Guitars From Texas, Evan Johns & The H-Bombs, Eve & Buck, Eve Monsees And The Exiles, Leroi Brothers, South Filthy, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Naughty Ones
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