Christoph Heemann

Real Name:Christoph Heemann

Heemann was a founding member of the anarchic noise-collage project H.N.A.S. (Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa), who released a string of bizarre, dada-inspired records during the mid 1980s. Heemann regards their 1987 release "Im Schatten Der Möhre" as the pinnacle of their recorded career.

The early 90s saw Heemann's first solo releases; within a decade he had built up a catalogue of records on labels such as Extreme (for "Invisible Barrier"), Robot Records (for "Magnetic Tape Splicing" 12") and Barooni (for "Aftersolstice"). Heemann has also been active in a number of diverse projects during the last decade, such as the group Mimir (with Jim O'Rourke and Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots), and, most notably, under the name Mirror (with Andrew Chalk and Andreas Martin), while also finding time to collaborate on records by Organum, Current 93, and John Duncan. He also founded the Streamline label (see the label's own entry for more information) which has been busy releasing a diverse catalogue of records from artists such as Nurse With Wound, John Duncan, Ora and Andrew Chalk.

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Aliases:Herr Mücke
In Groups:A Mouse Orchestra, Die Lustigen Nüsse, H.N.A.S., Hirsch Quadrat, Hollywood Dream Trip, In Camera (2), Mimir, Mirror, Plastic Palace People (2), Seclusion, Ultra (3), Vogelscheiß Und Seine Verrückten Kröten
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