Arksun as reviewed by digitalbeat

May 14, 2020
edited 10 months ago
Listened first time this artists track Arisen. It reminds me of good melodic trance tunes of late 90´s and early 2000 but sounds like very well made trance.
Most importantly a music track that you can also listen to when driving a car and not just in party. You forget about the song length because the music is just so good.
Same cannot be said from well known producers like Örjan Nielsen or Armin Van Buuren whose sound is oversaturated
and supported by loudness wars.
I run a indie electronic label and listen a lot of tunes so I know what is good what is not.
It is a sad fact that most marketed music out there is not good music.
Modern edm is just terrible overhyped music effects orgy and there are rarely good tracks on
edm genre. Just saying I would not use tag EDM when discussing original trance music because
it is not EDM. EDM is market and selling name for bad electronic music. Trance therefore needs
only label that is Trance music. As always good music does not need huge marketing budget but
a good taste for music.

Arksun as reviewed by vibrasphere

December 16, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
No comments on this guy? This man is a genius and real trance mastermind. He is responsible for Astrodancer, Arisen and the whole project of Luminary. Sadly he never was very active on producing trance. He was active between 1999-2002 and did some real classic trance back then. Then disappeared and like five years later released Arisen, which was voted as best trance track of 2006. I remember when nobody knew who the guy was, everyone was wondering how a new comer can make such track. Well, he wasn't a new comer. It was about that time when he made Luminary project and released also a legendary track Amsterdam which has some insane remixes.

I remember back in ~2009 when I still was a fanboy of A State Of Trance, there was that network and IRC channel of the radioshow, where actually Armin himself would join sometimes during his weekly show, some many other DJs and producers too from time to time. So Arksun use to hang out there too, he used to connect when the show was airing. I remember I messaged him asking why wasn't he producing anymore and he simply replied he was too busy with sound producing or whatever he does for living today.

So, in overall a bit sad when true talents just stays in the shadows and lets cheap crap to take over the world.

Arksun EdgeOfCygnus

July 26, 2017
Found him on the Cool Terrasse compilation recently. I've gotta say this guy makes fantastic music. New fan <3

Arksun MonsieurPourquoi

February 11, 2016
Hahaha :) Sorry. But Thanks to you I could explain how deep is my love for artists like Vibrasphere or Arksun... :)

Arksun vibrasphere

February 11, 2016
Lol, I'm not the real arist/duo Vibrasphere, just the username :)

Arksun MonsieurPourquoi

February 11, 2016
Hahaha !!!

When a genius talk about another one... You two are just... like music gods.

Sad Arksun didn't produce more, but art isn't a matter of being productive, art is... being talented. And people like you two are just real artists. And I enjoy playing your tracks in my sets when I've the possibility to play anywhere.

Thank you for making real huge music.

Arksun gilther

July 16, 2014
So true...