Consuelo Velazquez

Consuelo Velazquez

Real Name:
Consuelo Torres Ortiz Velázquez
Consuelo Velázquez (born August 21, 1916, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - died January 22, 2005, Mexico City, Mexico) was a Mexican concert pianist, songwriter and recording artist. She was the songwriter and lyricist of many Latin standard songs, most notably the enduring 1940's-era standard "Bésame Mucho". Some sources state her birth date as August 29, 1924.
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MKL 3071 Consuelo Velazquez Exitos 1954(10", MiniAlbum, Mono) RCA Victor MKL 3071 Mexico 1954 Sell This Version
EPB-1089 Consuelo Velazquez Piano Interpretations(2x7", MiniAlbum, EP) RCA Victor EPB-1089 US 1955 Sell This Version
LPM 1089 Consuelo Velazquez Piano Interpretations(LP, Mono) RCA Victor LPM 1089 1955 Sell This Version

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MKE-101 Consuelo Velázquez* Exitos 1954(7", EP) RCA Victor MKE-101 Mexico Unknown Sell This Version

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