Jamie Myerson

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Jamie L. Myerson


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August 13, 2001
edited over 17 years ago
Jamie Myerson rocks with not only dreamy house music like "Rescue Me" but also, and almost more so, with trancindental breaks/ drum'n'bass. The whole album "The Listen Project" is a trip from point a to point b with twists turns, valleys and peaks. Its an extremely high quality musical experience that removes the listener from real life, and immediately relocates them at a different place. No matter the circumstances, you'll feel that this album can eaily accompany any situation at any time in any one's life.
Besides the sweeping pads and polytonal/dissonant chordal structures, Jamie's choosing Carol Tripp to do all the vocals on the album was what made the album for me. Her voice is an infectious drive deep into the intention of this album. As a vocalist myself, I can relate to her smooth accents and soothing tambre. If you love the groove of fast drum and bass, down tempo electro/new age and harmony, you'll love this album. congrats to Jamie and Carol. This album is easily in my top ten.

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