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Danish alternative rock band with influences from electronic music. Founded in 2004 in Århus, Denmark. Their debut album "There's A Beat In All Machines" was both critically acclaimed and a success at the box office. Picked up the reward for Best New Act at the Danish Music Awards in 2007.

For the 80's Danish rock band of the same name, please use Veto (8)

Line up:
Troels Abrahamsen: vocals, synthesizer
Jens Skov Thomsen: bass, backing vocals
Mads Hasager: drums
Mark Lee: guitar, synthesizer
David Krogh Andersen: guitar

Sites:Facebook , X , Instagram , Wikipedia
Members:David Krogh Andersen, Jens Skov Thomsen, Mads Hasager, Mark Lee (3), Troels Abrahamsen


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