Sahra Halgan Trio

Sahra Halgan Trio

Sahra Halgan is an emblematic artist from Somaliland, a territory situated in the north of Somalia, de facto independent since 1991 following a terrible civil war. To date, no international instance has recognised this territory – Somaliland remains however a State wich has reconstructed itself on its own, adopted a constitution, held elections and unedrgoing real political transition. Engaged in the fight for independance from a young age as a nurse and artist whose songs grave her the status of symbol of liberty among the Somaliland diaspora. Sahra had to live in exile in Europe like many other fighters.

It’s in Lyon, where she had lived for the past 20 years, that she met french musicians Aymeric Krol and Mael Saletes with whom she founded this musical trio.

The band’s dream is to show the world the culture of the Somaliland people, their sufferings and joys, in a pure un-artificial musical form.

Today, Sahra lives in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, where she has founded the only place in the country where musicians and poets can produce themselves. She continues to pursue her artistic journey, all the while engaging herself as a politician in her country. Across the world, she continues to spread the message of recognition of her country within the international community and ensuring that the stability her country has earned with such difficulty is not overtuned and reduced to the violence of the past.


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