Miss Kittin YoungKeithG3

May 9, 2017
Outstanding creativity, a true mega talent. The world needs more artist like her. Frank Sinatra is epic !

Miss Kittin as reviewed by Crijevo

October 27, 2003
Miss Kittin? What an attitude... Let's all buy synths and make vintage trash-noise.... Only vintage and noise is not what stays with it. It's just trash. Miss Kittin says it herself - 'Shit happens'. 'Stripper', the ultimate back-stabbin' funk... the rest, the ultimate crap. And there is certainly more to a synth than one Miss Kittin. Just as for every KORG there will always be dozens of Miss Kittins to choose from. So, miaow...

Miss Kittin ijustspeak

May 4, 2017
This comment is almost 15 years old and things have changed. She was best when she did electro. Her DJ sets these days is little to be desired for. Plonk-tiss-plonk-tiss-plonk-tiss into eternity. My laundry machine sounds more exciting..

Miss Kittin Klaus151

April 25, 2016
Lol. Your boy Crijevo is on the money dude. Miss Forbidden has no bloody talent but the "right" attitude has taken her far.

Miss Kittin Jarren

December 1, 2012
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Miss Kittin Electrofreaks

August 10, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
Then why are they not as well known as Miss Kittin? Because she is unique and has talent in spades. The only thing filled with crap is your shitty review. Sorry.