Heavy sound from a heavy band. Tom Doyle formed the band in 1988 when he was living in Seattle. During the early 90's Seattle music scene their sound was more akin to the Melvins than to the more accessible grunge bands. They were one of the heaviest bands in town at that time. The band was harassed continually with lawsuits over album covers 8-Way Santa and the Jack Pepsi single. They had trouble with the Inhaler promotional material featuring President Clinton smoking a joint with the caption “This is some heavy shit!”. Eventually the bad luck wore on members of the band so they moved on to other projects. Tad later started a new band, Hog Molly.

Current Line-Up
Tad Doyle - Vocals, Guitar
Kurt Danielson - Bass

Former Line-Up
Joel Elman - Guitar (1988-1988)
Joe Garner - Guitar (1988-1988)
Gary Thorstensen - Guitar (1988-1994)

Steve Wied - Drums (1988-1991)
Rey Washam - Drums (1991)
Josh Sinder - Drums (1992-1996)
Mike Mongrain - Drums (1996-1999)

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Members:Gary Thorstensen, Josh Sinder, Kurt Danielson, Mike Mongrain, Rey Washam, Steve Wied, Tad Doyle
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