Diante Do Trono

Diante Do Trono

Real Name:
Ana Paula Valadão, Amanda Silva Cariús, Clay Peterson, Eduardo Leite, Graziela Santos, Helena Tannure, João Lúcio Tannure, Mariana Valadão, Soraya Gomes, Marine Almeida
Diante do Trono is a Brazilian Gospel Band. The translation in english is "In front of the Throne".

The band began in Belo Horizonte - MG, in the Baptist Church of Lagoinha. Created in 1997, during the years of ministry "Baptist Church Of Lagoinha" became a musical reference among evangelicals and is considered one of the most popular gospel music in Brazil. During the history, they sold over six million records.

Diante Do Trono Discography


199.003.891 Diante Do Trono Diante Do Trono(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono 199.003.891 Brazil 1998 Sell This Version
199.007.601 Diante Do Trono Exaltado(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono 199.007.601 Brazil 1999 Sell This Version
199.010.063 Diante Do Trono Águas Purificadoras(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono 199.010.063 Brazil 2000 Sell This Version
199.012.045 Diante Do Trono Preciso De Ti(CD, Album) Diante do Trono 199.012.045 Brazil 2001 Sell This Version
199.014.920 Diante Do Trono Nos Braços Do Pai(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono 199.014.920 Brazil 2002 Sell This Version
199.016.349 Diante Do Trono Quero Me Apaixonar(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono 199.016.349 Brazil 2003 Sell This Version
199.017.923 Diante Do Trono Esperança(CD, Album, RP) Diante do Trono 199.017.923 Brazil 2004 Sell This Version
DTCD00023 Diante Do Trono Ainda Existe Uma Cruz(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono DTCD00023 Brazil 2005 Sell This Version
DTCD00022 Diante Do Trono Por Amor De Ti, Oh Brasil(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono DTCD00022 Brazil 2006 Sell This Version
DTCD00034 Diante Do Trono Príncipe Da Paz(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono DTCD00034 Brazil 2007 Sell This Version
DTCD00049 Diante Do Trono A Canção Do Amor(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono DTCD00049 Brazil 2008 Sell This Version
0819-2 Diante Do Trono Tua Visão(CD, Album) Diante Do Trono, Som Livre 0819-2 Brazil 2009 Sell This Version
1761-2 Diante Do Trono Aleluia(CD, Album) Som Livre, Diante do Trono 1761-2 Brazil 2010 Sell This Version
1959-2 Diante Do Trono Sol Da Justiça(CD, Album) Som Livre, Diante do Trono 1959-2 Brazil 2011 Sell This Version
2664-2 Diante Do Trono Creio(CD, Album) Diante do Trono, Som Livre 2664-2 Brazil 2012 Sell This Version
DTCD00062 Diante Do Trono Tu Reinas(CD, Album) Diante do Trono DTCD00062 Brazil 2014 Sell This Version
DTCD00068 Diante Do Trono Tetelestai(CD, Album) Diante do Trono DTCD00068 Brazil 2015 Sell This Version


DTCD00031 Diante Do Trono Tempo De Festa/ 10 Anos(2xCD, Comp) Diante do Trono DTCD00031 Brazil 2007 Sell This Version
2946-2 Diante Do Trono Renovo(CD, Comp) Diante do Trono, Som Livre 2946-2 Brazil 2013 Sell This Version


500.000.099 Diante Do Trono Esperança(DVD, Album) Diante do Trono, RM Multimidia 500.000.099 Brazil 2004 Sell This Version

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