Mikko Aspa

Real Name:
Mikko Aspa
Finnish performer, musician and vocalist who has worked in a variety of genres, including power electronics, black and death metal, noisecore, punk, Oi!, RAC, sludge, grindcore, industrial, harsh noise and more.

Founder of Freak Animal Records, Northern Heritage, Lolita Slavinder Records, Institute Of Paraphilia Studies and Industrial Recollections. He runs Sarvilevyt record store. He publishes Special Interests magazine and used to publish Nyktofobia zine.

He has used the alias Aaron Spelling at times.
In Groups:


am collab- 1 Mikko Aspa - Omen Oats album art John Olson, Mikko Aspa John Olson, Mikko Aspa - Omen Oats(Cass, Ltd, Num, C46) American Tapes am collab- 1 1996 Sell This Version