Real Name:Danilo Braca

Italian DJ and producer based in Brooklyn, NY

Music has always been a major part of the life of Danilo Braca aka danyb.
His father was an avid record collector as well as a collector of vintage
musical gear, an obvious influence on Danilo’s choice of career path.
This exposure led Danilo to build his own music collection very early on. He
started playing at parties around Italy in 1986, at the age of 13, just around
the time of the burgeoning popularity of house music.
While pursuing a career as a DJ, Danilo became highly skilled in the field of
Sound Engineering and Music Production, working around recording
studios in Rome until he decided to move to New York City in 2012. Having
reached the city with the musical heritage that influenced him the most, he
founded The Sound of New York City, a web radio station and recording
studio where his activities range from music production to sound postproduction.
In the last year, Danilo also created 2 record labels and released 5 EP that
caught many ears in the underground community. His style as a DJ has
remained very eclectic with the ability to blend Afro-disco, synth pop, Italo
Cosmic, Garage House, Disco, Prog-Rock, Chicago Old School House and
Philly vibes all in one set.
2018 promises to include many releases with an original solo project in
progress remixed by Ashley Beedle, DJ Nature, The Revenge, DJ Spinna, DJ Rocca, and Radius etc

Sites:Facebook , Instagram , Instagram
Aliases:Danilo Braca, ELD (2), Eld Russell


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