Life In Sodom


Conceived in 1987 by vocalist Gerrie Brand a poet of darker subject and subliminal theme. Starting out as performance art it quickly became more as Gerrie surrounded himself with some of the best musicians from the club and art scene in South Florida. Gerrie's style and approach has become the foundation for Life in Sodom's music.

The first incarnation of the band was formed in 1990. The group released its first single "The Stains" in 1991. It quickly became an underground club hit and charted on college radio stations. A video was also produced. In 1992 it was followed up with the single "Phantasmagoria" which became popular among goth Djs. Soon after their first full length release was the 13 song Cd "Charader".

In 1995 the single "Vampire my love " was released. In 1997 the Cd ep "The Physical being" was released. It included a remix of the title track by popular Miami Beach Dj Dan Warren and produced by longtime Life in Sodom engineer and studio Owner "Looch".

Soon after the band was included in Mick Mercers Cd companion to his book, The Hex Files Volume 2. The Cd was released under the Nova tekk label out of Germany and included the song "Souvenirs" which has become a popular cut from the album.

In early 1999 "Haunting," a real brooding and atmospheric album, was released. The 15 songs were a real departure from their earlier work. After a 5 year Hiatus Gerrie Brand is back with "And Then We Fall," a 6 song Cd ep containing 3 new songs and features a remake of their 1991 club hit "The Stains" with a remixed version "And then we fall" Also included is a never before released track "Heaven" which was recorded in 1990 and digitally remastered. After 2 years in the making The Album "Alone" was completed May 2009 This album represents the strongest and most diversified collection of songs to date With MBRS studios owner and longtime Life in sodom engineer Looch at the helm. Gerrie Brand and the rest of the group has once again captured the introspective dark melodies they are known for. The beautiful haunting voice of Virginia Fuillerat colors the landscape of several songs. As were the services of world renowned drummer Bobby MacIntyre and renowned Miami bass guitarist Carlos Ruiz. , Instagram , Facebook , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , YouTube
Members:Danny Heinze, Gerrie Brand


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