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Real Name:Fergie Duhamel (née Stacy Ann Ferguson)

Born in 1975, Stacy Ann Ferguson did voice work for The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, as well as commercials, prior to becoming a Kids Incorporated regular from 1984 through 1989 alongside with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Along with Stefanie Ridel and fellow Kids Incorporated alum Renee Sandstrom, Ferguson formed Wild Orchid, a teen pop group that released a few albums during the late '90s.
In 2002, as she was doing backup, she met Will I Am who invited her to replace Black Eyed Peas background singer Kim Hill. She contributed to making Elephunk a succes and was thus asked to join the band permanently in 2003.
In 2006, she started a solo side-career. , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , Wikipedia , YouTube , YouTube
Aliases:Fergie Duhamel, Stacy Ferguson
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