Keith Allen

Keith Allen is a British comedian, actor, singer and writer. He appeared in a number of films made by The Comic Strip Presents... (notably The Bullshitters, a parody of The Professionals) on Channel 4 in the early 1980s after becoming one of the breakthrough acts of the Comedy Store in 1979.

He is a member of Fat Les, a band which also contains Britpop artists Damien Hirst and Blur bassist Alex James. Allen is also closely associated with the band New Order. He co-wrote their first number one single, "World In Motion...", and occasionally performed with them live.

Although he was "Fat Les" in the England World Cup song "Vindaloo" and also in other English patriotic music videos, he is in fact Welsh, as is his brother Kevin. They were both born in Swansea.

He is the father of Lily Allen.
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