Neoton Familia

Probably most popular Hungarian disco group, Neoton Família (known as Neoton in Spain, Newton (briefly) in West Germany, Neoton Familie in East Germany and Newton Family in the rest of the world) had major success in Eastern Europe, South America and Asia from the mid-70s to the late 80s.

Lajos Som (1970-1971)
Éva Pál (1973-1983)
Éva Fábián (1973-1979)
Zoltán Ambrus (-1979)
Lajos Galácz (-1977)
Erzsébet Lukács (1983-1990)
Edina Schäffer (1989-1992)
Renáta Rajcs (1990-1992)
Andrea Szulák (1990-1991)
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