Spanish progressive-rock band from the 60s-70s, first known as The Canaries, led by Teddy Bautista since 1964. They dared to arrange a version of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" on their album "Ciclos" (1974). Their more pop oriented songs had a big success, as "Get on your knees".

Original members: Eduardo "Teddy" Bautista (vocals, guitar) / Rafael Izquierdo Suárez (lead guitar), replaced by Germán Pérez / Alvaro Yébenes (bass) / Joaquín González (trumpet), replaced by Feliciano "Nano" Muñoz / Graham Bircumshaw (organ), later replaced by Félix Sierra / Alfredo Máiquez (trombone) / Vicente Máiquez (sax) / José "Tato" Luzardo (drums). For a while, in 1968/69, Teddy Bautista (on the military service) was replaced by Pedro Ruy-Blas.

On 1972 there was a different turn on their music. Drummer and lead guitar were replaced by Alan Richard and Salvador Domínguez. They released live "Canarios vivos", but soon after that Teddy split the band and reformed it with new musicians. The older ones founded Alcatraz (16), and Teddy with Alan, plus brothers Jess and James Lamn, recorded "Ciclos".

Members:Alain Richard, Alfredo Máiquez, Alvaro Yébenes, Antonio García de Diego, Christian Mellies, Félix Sierra, Graham Bircumshaw, Jean Pierre Gomez, Jose Luzardo Gutiérrez, Mathias Sanveillan, Nano Muñoz, Pedro Ruy-Blas, Rafael Izquierdo, Salvador Domínguez, Teddy Bautista, Vicente Máiquez
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