Chac Mool


Mexican progressive rock band from the early 80's, originally featuring Jorge Reyes (guitar and flute), Carlos Alvarado (keyboards), Mauricio Bieletto (voice and cello), Armando Suárez (bass and mandoline), and Carlos Castro (drums and percussions). Their music was progressive in nature with well-written lyrics, some on the poetic side and some with caustic critics to society. The music was characterized by a strong use of keyboards and lyrical flutes with a strong bass and a reliable drummer. The group's exotic flavor came from the Spanish language, the Latin sensitivity and from the composition's emotional aspect as well.

Sites:Wikipedia , MySpace
Members:Alberto Herr Solé, Armando Suárez, Carlos Alvarado, Carlos Castro, Jorge Reyes, Manuel Lhoman, Mark Panick, Mauricio Bieletto


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