The Redsk project started as a solo outlet from Patrick Harsh based out of Sumpter Township, Michigan. Originally spelled “RedSK”, the project was focused on experimenting in fusion of many genres and styles, but mostly based in shit noise, field recordings, power electronics, glitch, garage punk, grind, harsh noise and musique-concrete/plunderphonics. Redsk has switched directions, style and focus since 2006 and is very good at leaving behind a very confusing discography. As a solo entity, its main objective and purpose was to serve as an outlet for Patrick’s schizophrenic frustrations and anxieties/rage/non-stop manic thought processes. In 2014 the project was put on temporary hiatus and neglect to pursue spiritual enlightenment and an attempt to block out various life-distractions. As of October 2014, the Redsk project is revived as a band with a revolving line-up or many different line-ups depending on city/state. There is no purpose in being any more specific about the sound or direction of this project as it develops and changes several times every year since it’s inception. Currently Redsk is based out of Detroit, Michigan and is mostly released through TRASHFUCK Records, a DIY label founded by Patrick and ran with a staff of close friends and non-blood family.

Sites:Bandcamp , Lastfm
Members:Aaron Midcalf, Caleb Voronwë, Cody Monceaux, Jon Gonzalez, Patric Pariano, Patrick Harsh, Will Olter
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