Tomas Jirku

Real Name:Tomas Jirku

Canadian techno/experimental electronic musician, producer and photographer from the Czech Republic, based in Vancouver (b. 1979). Tomas Jirku released his first EPs in the early 2000s on a Canadian net-label No Type, coming to prominence after performing at the inaugural Mutek Festival in 2000. He was signed by Force Inc. Music Works, which released Jirku's debut full-length album, Sequins 2xLP/CD, in November of the same year. Tomas Jirku graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003. The artist further produced six full-length albums and numerous EPs on many prestigious independent labels, including Traum Schallplatten, Klang Elektronik, Revolver Recordings, Audio.NL, Alien8 Recordings and others. He had a hip-hop/parody "gangsta rap" side project, GI Joe Killaz, and released a few records in a collaborative duo with a fellow Canadian musician, Robin Judge. , Bandcamp , Soundcloud
Aliases:The Viceroy
In Groups:GI Joe Killaz, Jirku / Judge
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