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marQu vr
Qpop is the Main multimedia sound and video art project of MarQu vr. VJ, music and video producer, dj, video mapper, designer, mixed media artist and performer. Other variations of the concept include Qpopvr for audiovisual performances. Qpop started in 1999 as a conceptual art project. Qpop became more actively involved in the underground Electronic scene from 2001 djing styles like EBM, industrial, Goa and electro. He started VJing in 2005 for a wide variety of music styles. After fine tuning his sound since then he officially had his first release in December 2016 with the Sublunar Society Label, and has since release two tracks on different compilations. Cybernetic Symbiosis came out as part of a VA called Source Replika on Shunyata Records. The most recent track Solarium came out on Home Grown Electronics volume 4.
Q stands for Questions,,
where we should question the politics of media, open up to more peaceful expressions and abandon pornograffiti ( The graffiti the media puts in our minds --
These are the P. O. P we need to Question.

Qpop is questionable pop, non conformist art.

Q.p.o.p., an audiovisual conceptual engine..
Working in mediums such as sound, video and performance art and how this can be used to create installations with live interaction.
The main principles for creating art are based on cutting up popular culture and the by products of the modern age.
This is then recomposed in an abstact audiovisual format incorporating video feedback distortion and soundwave frequencies..
Qpop comes from a wave of static formation in The air and brings
an Electric organism to stimulate the subconscious.
Q.P.O.P. stands for Questionably Politicaly Open Pornograffiti which are 4 methaphorical mechanisms that are used to
Question the individuals perception of what reality is........
The politicaly open pornograffiti is about the world around us and how its possible to create your own reality, incorporating organic and technological world.
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none Qpop Space Time Continuum (File, WAV, EP) The Sublunar Society none Sweden 2016