Real Name:
Andrés Fuentes
Andrés Fuentes, also known as FVNTS, is a composer and pianist from Guadalajara, Jalisco. His early works for piano, violin and cello go back to the mid 90's. Eventually, being a teenager, he began to be interested in the effervescent, underground electronic music of the time and from 2001 to 2009 he was really committed to produce a wide gamma of electronic sub–genres under the nom de plume "Los Engine", which took to him to perform at some festivals around the world.

After such eight years of activity, he retired back to his roots and began to write brief musical pieces for radio and television. Although, Fuentes gradually faded from his musical enterprises to yield to a period of experimentation and introspection of almost six years, while also developing parallel academic duties.

It was until 2015 –yet during his doctoral studies in physics– that Fuentes formally resumed his musical activity. This time, using techniques developed by himself and that couple both scientific and aesthetic aspects.

Fuentes's oeuvre is not only musical but also sonorous. Being him one of the pioneers in creating intelligent sound installations capable of reproducing themselves! Frequently, he also prepares virtual reality sound installations on the web.


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CFH0002 FVNTS Elena(CD, Mini, Single) Monobion CFH0002 Switzerland 2017 Sell This Version